Plader til salg (elle evt. bytte) / Records for sale (trade)    
Sælges helst samlet - deraf kan du også opnå en rigtigt god pris.
Priser: xx,- pr. stk.
           xx,- ved double 12"  
           eller højeste bud 
           Gælder ikke speciel afs.
Vivian Green  Emotinal Rollercoaster (Above and Beyond, That Kid Chris, Junior remix) Columbia USA 2003
Yes Deruyter Music Non Stop ( Three Drives, Push, Public Domain remix) Bonzai 2001
TBC Josephine 2001 (The Vocal mixes) White label  2001
System F Cry (Original, club, Oliver Lieb remix) Tsunami 2000
Ransom My Dance (Original, Duplex Reshaper, Ferry Corsten Remix) Tsunami 2001
Dave Davis Underground Subway (original, moogwai remix) Bonzai 2001
Atlantis Virus Subterrania 2000
Junkfood Junkies The Journey (inkl. Future Breeze remix) Club Culture 2001
Musique vs. U2 New Years Day (orginal, Mauro Picotto, DJ Elite, Skynet remix)  Serious 2*12 promo 2001
The Mystery Devotion (incl. DJ Tanna remix) Spinnin  2002
Aquanuts Deep Sea (orignal + Martin Eyerer remix) Data Records 2002
Disco Vanlente I See Music ( 5 mixes in all) Nice And Firm promo 2001
Avalanche Love Inside Me (Rocco and Heist mix) Neo Records promo 2001
Rank 1 Awakening (orginal + Bencio mix) ID & T 2002
Rank 1 Awakening (Ferry Corsten, Cosmic Gate remix) ID & T 2002
4 Strings Diving (orginal) Universal 2002
4 Strings Take me away (into the night) (orginal, 4 String remixes) Universal 2001
4 Strings Take me away (into the night) (Resistance D remix) Universal 2001
4 Strings Take me away (into the night) (Gabriel & Dresden remix) Universal 2001
Ralphie B Massive / Disclosure Black Hole 2002
Watersolo Fire In Your Heart  Captivating 2002
Oceanlab Clear Blue Water (original) Captivating 2001
Oceanlab Clear Blue Water (Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten remix) Captivating 2001
The Spacelovers Space Lover (Stan Courtois remixs, original, marcelo castelli) Sine Dance promo 2002
The Spacelovers Space Lover (Tillmann Uhrmacher, marcelo castelli) Sine Dance promo 2002
Catch Walk On Water (Above and Beyond remix) Sine Dance promo 2002
Minimalistix Close Cover (4 Strings + Svenson+Gielen remix) Mostika 2002
Minimalistix Close Cover (Brian Koner, FTW, DJ Gert remix) Mostika 2002
Jam X & De Leon DuMonte (Tiesto remix) Superstar Recordings 2001
Matanka Lost In A Dream (Push + Tandu remixes) Audioplast 2002
Angelic It´s My Turn (Rank1, 4 Strings, Orginal) Superstar Recordings 2000
Moontribe Dance Of The Seventh Hill  Black Hole 2000
White Russians Unipolar Black Hole 2001
DJ Vincenzo Eternity / Synasation  Black Hole 2000
Tiesto Urban Train (Wippenberg, Cosmic  Gate remix) Dos Or Die 2001
E'Voke Arms OF Loren 2001 (Ferrey Corsten remix + dub) Inferno promo 2001
Tranquility Base Razorfish (Abouve & Beyond remixes) Captivating 2001
Blank & Jones Beyond Time (Jam& Spoon, The Thrillseekers remix) Edel 2000
Blair Bitch Blair Bitch (Orginal + Solid Sessions remix) Nebula 2000
Blair Bitch Blair Bitch (Mike Monday+ Basscamp remix) Nebula 2000
The Untamed Innocent Child (incl. Tandu remix) Nice And Firm promo 2*12 2001
Infernal U Recieve Me (Asle remixes) White  2000
29 Palms Touch The Sky  (Released later on Perfecto) Experience 2001
Lange Drifting Away (Original + Lange's Sunset Dub) VC Recordings 2001
Lange Drifting Away (Hiver + Hammer, World Clique remixes) VC Recordings 2001
David Forbes Questions (Must Be Asked) Push , Kaystone remixes Serious 2001
N-Fluence Interrupted Journey Polar State 2000
Dawnskeekeres Shaman´s Wake Up Black Hole 2001
Voodoo & Serano Blood Is punpin (Future Breeze Remix) Xtrahard promo 2001
Coast 2 Coast Be With Me Religion 2001
Prana Acarab EP Matsuri 1995
Speciel - sælges for højeste bud !!    
York On the Beach + Reachers Of Civillizations (Rank 1 remix) White 2001
Push Tranzy State Of Mind (Signed by Push) Bonzai 2002
Highland No Way Out (Original + Highland remix)  Vapour promo 2004
Highland No Way Out (Oacenwave + Nubreed mix) Vapour promo 2004
Beyound Balearic vol 1 Nobody Listen To Tekno White 2003
Dave Clarke The Compass Skint double 12” promo 2002
Sign Your Name Sign Your Name White label (one sidded) 2003
Filmpalast Istanbul (DJ Remy remix) Hope Recordings 2002
2 Phat Cunts Ride (Sasha + BT  track) one sidded rare release Yoshitoshi 1998
Max Graham Falling Together / Shoreline Hope Recordings 2001
Breeder Tyrantanic Rhythm Syndicate 2000
Trarentella Karma (Praha remix) + Saturn (Quivver Remix) Whoop 2004
Appelton Fantasy (Thick Dick mix + dub) Polydor promo 2002
Appelton Fantasy (Tom Mandolini mix+dub + original mix) Polydor promo 2002
Appelton Don´t Worry (King Britt + Lucien Foort remixes) doubbelt 12" Polydor promo 2002
Fatboy Slim Sunset (Bird of Pery) + Star 69 Skint Promo 2000
Tracks from DJ Smash Phonography 2 (remixes by DJ Smash) Capitol promo 2003
Puddu Varrano Time To Grow (doubbelt album) Playground 2002
FGTH Power Of Love 99 remix by Rob Searle One Sided promo 1999
Stanton Warriors Adventuers in sucess (mix+dub) 679 promo 2004
Stanton Warriors Alanty / Jiggle Dat 679 promo 2004
Zero7 Sommersault (one sided promo) Ultimate promo 2004